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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 1 NFl Schedule

This weeks NFL football schedule looks like this with broadcast stations listed:

[Minnesota] Minnesota 9/9 8:30 PM ET
[New Orleans] New Orleans TV: NBC
[Miami] Miami 9/12 1:00 PM ET
[Buffalo] Buffalo TV: CBS
[Detroit] Detroit 9/12 1:00 PM ET
[Chicago] Chicago TV: FOX
[Indianapolis] Indianapolis 9/12 1:00 PM ET
[Houston] Houston TV: CBS
[Denver] Denver 9/12 1:00 PM ET
[Jacksonville] Jacksonville TV: CBS
[Cincinnati] Cincinnati 9/12 1:00 PM ET
[New England] New England TV: CBS
[Carolina] Carolina 9/12 1:00 PM ET
[NY Giants] NY Giants TV: FOX
[Atlanta] Atlanta 9/12 1:00 PM ET
[Pittsburgh] Pittsburgh TV: FOX
[Cleveland] Cleveland 9/12 1:00 PM ET
[Tampa Bay] Tampa Bay TV: CBS
[Oakland] Oakland 9/12 1:00 PM ET
[Tennessee] Tennessee TV: CBS
[Green Bay] Green Bay 9/12 4:15 PM ET
[Philadelphia] Philadelphia TV: FOX
[San Francisco] San Francisco 9/12 4:15 PM ET
[Seattle] Seattle TV: FOX
[Arizona] Arizona 9/12 4:15 PM ET
[St. Louis] St. Louis TV: FOX
[Dallas] Dallas 9/12 8:20 PM ET
[Washington] Washington TV: NBC
[Baltimore] Baltimore 9/13 7:00 PM ET
[NY Jets] NY Jets TV: ESPN
[San Diego] San Diego 9/13 10:15 PM ET
[Kansas City] Kansas City TV: ESPN


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