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Friday, October 14, 2011

Public vs Sharks in Sports Betting

Week 6 Public vs. Sharks

Sportsbooks are always in the middle of a war trying to balance the lines and remove any edge a
bettor may have on a game. This week the sportsbooks will have two battles to deal with as big public
favourites Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints look to slide by their underrated opponents.

The Philadelphia Eagles will be playing in Washington to face Rex Grossman and the Redskins. The
redskins are 3-1 this year and are just coming off a Bye. The Redskins are 8 rushing in the NFL splitting
the workload between Tim Hightower, Roy Helu and Ryan Torain and their defence has been solid. The
Redskins although 3-1 are a highly underrated team and are flying under the radar. Washington has no
big playmakers and they have Rex Grossman at QB, how much credit can you give to a team like this?

Many thought the Eagles would have a good shot at making playoffs and potentially winning the super
Bowl but injures and holes in their defence have landed them looking from the outside in with a 1-4
record. That has not stopped the public to keep believing in a troubled team to turn the corner and put
together a winning streak.

New Orleans will try to win the public money this weekend against the troubled Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
The Bucs got lit up last week against the 49ers 48-3. So why not take the Saints who we all know can put
up the points quick.

The funny thing with both these games is the public favourites are being bet on about 9 out of ten
bets but the spread has not changed. The Eagles opened at 1.5 point road favourites, Depending on
the sportsbook this line has moved up all the way to 2.5 or moved down to an even 1. It seems we are
getting a mix of bets on this game with the public mostly taking the Eagles and the Sharks taking the

In the Saints Bucs game it is very similar. All of the money is on the Saints to win but we have only seen
a half point movement on the link. A few big bets have come in on the Bucs to keep this point spread

It will be interesting to see where these lines end come game day but it is obvious to us that a few deep
pockets like the underdogs in these games.

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