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Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 NFL Super Bowl Preview

NFL Super Bowl Preview: How The Giants can Beat the Patriots

The Super Bowl betting is picking up speed as the big game approaches. The New England Patriots are currently -2 ½ in the odds, but that does not necessarily mean that the Patriots have this Super Bowl victory locked up. The last time these two teams met in a Super Bowl was in 2008 at Super Bowl XLII. The price per head sports experts remember that the Patriots were 18-0 heading into that game and heavy favorites to beat New York and be the first team to ever finish a season 19-0. But a combination of several factors helped to keep the Giants in the game and, eventually, New York would prevail.

The Giants have just as much chance of winning Super Bowl XLVI as it did to win Super Bowl XLII. The bookie software has dropped the odds a full point in the last few days based on people betting heavily on the Giants. Lets take a look at why so many people are picking the Giants to upset the Patriots again in the Super Bowl.

The Giants’ offense was having problems around mid-season and it looked like the Giants may fall out of a playoff spot for the third year in a row. The main problem for the Giants was the lack of a running game. But quarterback Eli Manning continued to perform well and protect the ball from being turned over. In the two previous years, Manning had developed a bad habit of fumbling the ball or throwing an interception at the wrong times. This season, Manning has been extremely efficient with the football and broke the NFL regular season record for most touchdowns passes in the fourth quarter. A betonline.com review of the New York offense so far in the playoffs shows that the running game is making a comeback and Eli is still as efficient as ever. When the struggles of the New England defense are taken into account, it looks like the Giants have a chance to be very effective in this game.

The way that a defense can beat the New England Patriots is to get pressure on Tom Brady, have linebackers that can cover the underneath pass and bring up the safeties to cover the two New England tight ends. With New England tight end Rob Gronkowski injured, that makes covering the tight ends a little easier.

The NFL scores that the Patriots have been able to post so far this season have been against defenses that do not have the ability to play the multi-faceted game that the Giants can play. To this point in the playoffs, the Patriots have not played a defense like the one the Giants have. The one time that New England did play the Giants in the 2011 regular season, the Giants defense was very effective against the Patriots’ offense and New York won the game. The Patriots can expect a much better New York defense in this Super Bowl and that could be big problems for the Patriots.


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