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Monday, April 29, 2013

2014 Super Bowl Predictions

Now that the NFL draft is over and the road to Superbowl XLVIIII is now on we want to share with you the current futures on betting on the winner of this years super bowl. Make sure to get our Las Vegas Betting Picks and predictions for the 2013-2014 NFL season from the worlds number one sports handicapper and NFL Picks Expert.

Odds to win the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII        
San Francisco 49ers                  6/1
Denver Broncos                         15/2
New England Patriots                 8/1
Seattle Seahawks                      9/1
Atlanta Falcons                         12/1
Green Bay Packers                    12/1
Houston Texans                         18/1
New Orleans Saints                   18/1
Baltimore Ravens                       20/1
New York Giants                        20/1
Chicago Bears                           25/1
Pittsburgh Steelers                    25/1
Dallas Cowboys                         28/1
Washington Redskins                28/1
Philadelphia Eagles                    30/1
Cincinnati Bengals                     35/1
Indianapolis Colts                       35/1
Detroit Lions                              40/1
Miami Dolphins                          40/1
Minnesota Vikings                     40/1
San Diego Chargers                   40/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers             40/1
Carolina Panthers                      50/1
Kansas City Chiefs                    50/1
St. Louis Rams                          60/1
Cleveland Browns                       75/1
New York Jets                           75/1
Arizona Cardinals                       100/1
Buffalo Bills                               100/1
Oakland Raiders                        100/1
Tennessee Titans                       100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars                   200/1

Ziggy Ansah  - Total Sacks in the 2013 Regular Season   
Over/Under                    4½

Barkevious Mingo - Total Sacks in the 2013 Regular Season        
Over/Under                    3

Jarvis Jones - Total Sacks in the 2013 Regular Season    
Over/Under                    8

Tavon Austin - Total Receiving Yards in the 2013 Regular Season 
Over/Under                    800

Tavon Austin - Total Receiving TD's in the 2013 Regular Season    
Over/Under                    4½

E.J. Manuel - Will he start Week 1 for the Buffalo Bills in the 2013 Regular Season?          
Yes                  +200    
No                    -300
Geno Smith - Total Starts in the 2013 Regular Season?   
Over/Under                    4½

Matt Barkley - Total Starts in the 2013 Regular Season?  
Over/Under                    2

Tim Tebow - Will he start a game as a QB in the 2013 Regular Season     
Yes                  +500
No                    -900

Tim Tebow - Which position will he play in his 1st Offensive play in the 2013 Regular Season?        
QB                   1/2
WR/TE  3/2
RB/HB/FB         5/1

Tim Tebow - What will happen first for Tim Tebow?           
Throws another TD Pass in the NFL         -500
Admits to having intercourse                   +300

Tim Tebow - Will he join the Montreal Alouettes in 2013?  
Yes                  +1000
No                    -2500


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