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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants NFL Week 11 Picks

NFL Week 11 Preview: Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants (-3)

Online Sportsbook Overview
The Philadelphia Eagles looked to be turning a bad season around when it won two games in a row in weeks six and eight. To make things look even more promising, both of those wins were over divisional teams. Then the Eagles lost a close game to the Chicago Bears in week nine and Eagles’ fans started to worry. The general consensus was that the Eagles would beat the Arizona Cardinals in week 10 and put itself in a good position to make the week 11 matchup with the Giants meaningful. But a week 10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals seems to have taken a lot of the air out of the Eagles’ playoff sails. Now the week 11 game with the Giants is for survival and the Eagles need to win. Get the best in NFL Picks from the top service in the world call 1-888-730-2667 and see what its like to win BIG with our help with top ATS picks for week 11.

The New York Giants helped the price per head sports fans in Philadelphia have some hope when the Giants lost to the San Francisco 49ers in week 10. But the Giants losing to the 49ers is not nearly as deflating as the Eagles losing to the Cardinals. But the Giants need to start stringing some wins together to fend off the charging Dallas Cowboys. The Giants hold a one-game lead over the Cowboys in the NFC East, and the Giants need this win over the Eagles to make things even more difficult on the Cowboys. The Giants match up well against the Eagles, and New York needs to rebound from a tough week 10 loss to maintain its hold on the NFC East.

Philadelphia Eagles
The price per head Eagles fans are still wondering what happened to Philadelphia in week 10. It could be that back-up quarterback John Skelton took the Eagles’ defense by surprise which allowed Skelton to throw three touchdown passes against the Eagles. But Michael Vick did not help the Eagles’ cause by making bad decisions in the passing game and taking a beating when he decided to run the ball. The Arizona game showed how bad the Eagles can play when nothing is going right. The Philadelphia defense looked out of position most of the game and completely surprised by the fact that the Cardinals were throwing the ball to all-pro wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The Eagles will need to focus a lot more on playing mistake-free football if it wants to beat New York.

New York Giants
A bodog review of the New York Giants’ season shows how well the Giants can play when quarterback Eli Manning protects the football and reduces his turnovers. Manning proved that point by throwing two key interceptions in the Giants’ week 10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. But when Eli keeps the ball in the hands of the Giants’ offense, the Giants have been able to pull out the win. Judging by how poorly the Eagles’ defense played in week 10, there is a good chance that Eli will be able to bounce back in week 11 and give a stellar performance.

The Bottom Line
The NFL scores for Philadelphia Eagles’ games have been unpredictable this season. It is hard to ignore the possibility that turning a long-time offensive line coach into the defensive coordinator is hurting the Eagles. This game does not stack up well for the Eagles, and this could be one of the final nails in the Eagles’ playoff coffin for this season.

Pick: New York Giants


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