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Monday, August 16, 2010

Top ESPN SportsCenter Football Commercials

Best ESPN This is SportsCenter Commercials - Football Edition

We figured in the spirit of Foootball season being less than a month away now and pre-season in full swing it might be nice to see all the greatest This is Sportscenter commercials that have aired throughout the years.

Steve Smith are you Fast commercial?
Would you classify yourself as speedy or incendiary. By the way is this one of those i before e words?

I'm the man training camp

Kids at the time KJ and Kobe Bryant getting a little bit of schooling on letting people know who the man is.

Bad Boy Big Ben's Fire Drill
I guess this was before we realized that Big Ben was a bad boy and some felt bad for this unnecessary fire drill.

LT in the Mailroom
Number 31 Ladanian Tomlinson trying to learn how to sort the mail luckily he's a great running back.

Chad Johnson Dances
Finding a new touchdown dance for this Bengal star shouldn't be so diffucult.

Peyton Manning Fighting with Brother
Seems like the Manning brothers always beat up on each other on and off the field. This is also one of the most popular football related commercials of all time.

Adrian Peterson and BedWetter
Some nicknames are meant to be kept secret.

LT playing Gameboy
Seems like this Charger star couldn't cut it in the mail room so he came back to play a Nintendo classic.

Larry Fitzgerald Catches everything
Our favorite commercial here at Cooper's Pick showcasing some serious catching skills of the Arizona Cardinal superstar Mr. Fitzgerald.

Is it soccer or football?
A little bit of a deviation but with the world cup just ending we figured a little futbol tied in couldn't hurt too badly right?

Brett Favre staying or going?
This is in great timing with Brett Favre just announcing that he's coming back again for the 138th time after being a tad bit nonsuccessive but none the less I am sure the Vikings are proud to have him back.

Hopefully you enjoyed our compilation of the best videos and are gearing up for the NFL season. We are glad to provide you with the best football picks and live Football Odds all season long from the most veteran sports handicappers in the world.


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